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Affordable Business Intelligence for Manufacturers and Distributors

Posted by Robert Baran on Tue, Aug 30, 2011 @ 05:33 PM

In May 2011, Sage announced the general availability of the Sage Peachtree 2012 industry-specific products, including Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting for Manufacturing and Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution, as well as Sage Peachtree Quantum 2012 and the rest of the core Sage Peachtree 2012 lineup.

Part of the Sage portfolio of manufacturing and distribution solutions, these products, designed for small manufacturers and wholesale distributors, go far beyond accounting, providing an array of business management tools that offer instant access to key information, making getting paid, reacting to issues and controlling profitability easier than ever. 

Sage Peachtree has long been recognized as a leader in inventory management capabilities for small firms. With Sage Peachtree 2012, manufacturers and distributors can:

Improve control over vendor relationships: A customized Vendor Management Center dashboard helps users process large quantities of information about a single vendor at a glance.  It enables quick research, comparisons, and decision making, helping companies analyze past transactions to make informed decisions, negotiate better rates with vendors and suppliers, or even switch vendors when necessary.

Get richer insight into the business with new Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence: Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence is a reporting and analysis add-on solution integrated with Sage Peachtree. Using the familiar Microsoft® Excel® interface, it enables more robust reporting and easier access to Sage Peachtree data, providing affordable, simple business intelligence for small businesses. Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence has built-in templates for sales, purchasing and financial reporting to get up and running quickly, but users can design their own reports as well.  Because Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence pulls directly from the system without the need for export or manipulation, reports are always current with latest data, so small businesses can more readily analyze the aspects of their business that matter most to them, get the insight they need, and make informed decisions. Customers can also consolidate information from multiple Sage Peachtree companies or other databases for further analysis.

Better manage data backup and other system processes: With the new System Check, businesses can quickly and easily monitor system health and resolve potential issues before they affect productivity or compromise data. The System Check gives helpful advice around last backup, system memory, database size, and other key indicators, all at a glance, heading off minor issues before they become big headaches.

Sage Peachtree 2012 handily simplifies mundane tasks so that companies can get more work done faster and with less manpower. It increases efficiency with an easier network installation process and the new Sage Advisor, which helps companies maximize the value of their software investment, whether they are new to Sage Peachtree or have been using it for several years. The Sage Advisor helps them by following usage patterns and intuitively offering brief, personalized “show me how” demos and guided tips and tricks, enabling small businesses to discover new ways to simplify processes and obtain valuable business advice. The tips can be saved for later review or dismissed completely if preferred.

Other new features, which vary across products, include the ability to copy transactions, enhancements to the management centers and expanded payroll fields.  For more information, please visit

Manufacturers and distributors alike will benefit from capabilities available in Sage Peachtree for more profitable inventory management. Serialized inventory tracking, multiple costing methods, flexible bill of materials processing, kitting and assemblies, and the ability to sell in multi-quantity units are just a few of the advanced inventory functions included in these products for more effective, profitable inventory management.

With capacity from five to 40 named users, Sage Peachtree Quantum 2012 offers exclusive new features supporting enhanced visibility and customization. With new Workflow Automation, users can set up role-based assignments for transaction statuses, to ensure work is routed to the appropriate person at the right time. By automating the process, there’s less likelihood of assignments getting misplaced or going to the wrong person, enabling users to manage work tasks and ownership more efficiently. There’s also flexibility to change roles if needed. Small businesses can also personalize Sage Peachtree Quantum to work the way they do with new personalized “My Dashboards” for each user, and eleven new modules for greater customization. Now, companies can gain even more control over the business with views from sales to project management to purchasing, featuring real-time access to the information needed for better decisions.

Also launching is Sage Peachtree Quantum 2012 Manufacturing Edition, designed for midsized manufacturers who need easy installation and setup, light customization, and industrial-strength capabilities at an affordable price point.

As small manufacturers and distributors grow and require additional capabilities for their operations, Sage offers a full portfolio of ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors, including Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200, Sage ERP Accpac and Sage ERP X3.

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