Full Service Software Consulting

PositiveVisions mission' is to simply help small to mid-sized businesses with their software to make them more profitable. Using our team to differentiate our products and services, we seek to develop the most innovative, easy to use and efficient solutions

Our goal is to improve the performance of your business and be your long term partner by providing you with the resources and expertise you need along with exceptional customer service.

PositveVision specializes in Distribution and Manufacturing ERP software. We have installed numerous systems and worked with companies on various issues including lot traceability, unit of measure conversions, recipe software management, quality and inventory control, costing, formula management, job shop, lean manufacturing, material requirement and project planning, lot tracking and commission processing.

PositiveVision’s consultative approach recognizes that each organization is unique. The team of computer consultants at PositiveVision is well trained and experienced in learning about each clients' company to provide a tailored business management software solution.

Featured Whitepapers:

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PositiveVision has been the choice for many organizations in the Greater Chicago, IL area since 2002. Our desire is to help you grow and fill the gap between where you are and where you need to be with your business management systems.We operate with one goal in mind, simply making the software work for your needs.