Sage 300 ERP Software

Build the best ERP software for your business and your bottom line.

Take advantage of the freedom to do ERP your way. Designed from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of diverse business environments, Sage 300 ERP Software gives you unprecedented flexibility to select from three powerful editions (Standard, Advanced, or Premium), a robust suite of modules, comprehensive customization and scalability, and instant, seamless integration to a full set of end-to-end business management software applications.

Choose the applications and technology that best suit your business with the low TCO and unmatched investment protection you want—and nothing you don’t.

Business Accounting Software

Slash the time and cost of complex business accounting software and financial management processes and redirect those resources toward growing your business. Sage 300 ERP Accounting and Financial Management software integrates your sales and service functions for streamlined, end-to-end financial management. Powerful, flexible tools improve financial reporting and compliance and provide better business intelligence for a greater ROI. Make confident financial decisions based on solid, comprehensive data.

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Business Intelligence and Reporting

Transform disparate data into meaningful business intelligence with the powerful analysis and reporting of Sage 300 ERP Business Intelligence. With this low-cost, quickly deployed BI strategy, you can selectively access critical data to identify issues early, make an accurate analysis and take timely action to improve performance.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM Software)

Build customer satisfaction and loyalty with Sage CRM (formerly known as SageCRM). This powerful, easy-to-use CRM solution provides out-of-the-box integration with Sage 300 ERP to profile, track and target customers for improved ROI.

HR Management

Improve alignment between your people and your business objectives and make your employees one of your company’s strongest and most competitive assets. Make more effective strategic decisions, alleviate economic pressures and quickly resolve the multitude of tactical issues HR faces every day. Sage HRMS (formerly known as Sage Abra SQL HRMS) leverages HR's knowledge, processes, and systems to achieve optimal return on employee investment (ROEI).

Multi-Company and Global Operations Management

No matter where you do business, maximize your international insight and exchange information worldwide with Sage 300 ERP Multi-Company and Global Operations Management. Enhanced visibility into business metrics provides critical information at your fingertips for easier, smarter daily and long-term planning, providing the vision you need to respond to business trends while minimizing risk and maximizing the effectiveness of your decisions. Set up multiple companies in one or more databases, run processes, close books, and report results by company or in a consolidated company.

Operations and Distribution Management

Accelerate growth, enhance customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line. Sage 300 ERP Operations and Distribution Management software ensures your business follows best practices for efficiency and accuracy by automating and integrating processes to keep your warehouse management system, inventory control, production scheduling software, and service departments aligned and running smoothly.

EDI Transaction Manager powered by TrueCommerce, a Sage Endorsed Solution

As the EDI partner exclusively endorsed by Sage, EDI Transaction Manager makes EDI painless by making it easy and affordable! All the software, network services and support needed to successfully implement a fully integrated EDI solution are included in the solution. Ultimately what TrueCommerce provides is the peace of mind that comes from selecting an EDI solution that delivers robust functionality and unparalleled scalability, yet it is simple to deploy and maintain. With TrueCommerce, all you need to implement an EDI solution that fully integrates with your Sage application is a PC with a standard Internet connection.

Payroll Management Solutions

If you're using a service bureau for payroll processing, there's a better way. Cut your costs and maintain absolute control over your payroll with in-house payroll processing through Sage 300 ERP Payroll. Easily handle any payroll function from basic to specialized, including all pay frequencies and earnings, multiple locations and currencies, taxes and reporting, benefits, and more.

Payment Processing

Consumers buy more, and more often, when given the option to make purchases with the convenience of a credit card. Having the Sage Payment Processing powered by Sage Exchange module means payment processing information only needs to be entered once, saving you the extra time and resources typically related to manually processing payments. 

Services and Project Planning Management

Make smarter, faster service and support decisions that exceed customer expectations with Sage 300 ERP Services and Project Planning tools. Get the visibility and intelligence you need into all information and key performance indicators to effectively allocate resources, increase customer uptime, and enhance productivity across all business systems. 

Meet the complex challenges of financial and operational management with Sage 300 ERP and PositiveVision. If you would like to speak with one of our business management software experts please call (800) 559-1323 or request a call now.

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