Management and Operational Business Reporting

PositiveVision will get the information you need out of your business management systems and into the hands of the right people when they need it. Oftentimes companies have concerns regarding their business intelligence and analytics. They want peace of mind, knowing that internal procedures are being completed properly and without any missed steps.

At PositiveVision we understand how important it is to have the right people informed whether there is a potential for errors or an opportunity for improved service.

We will create email alerts to ensure that you are achieving operational business reporting goals, by the prevention of missed processes.  Additionally, our computer consultants will develop custom reports to streamline operations, enhance visual business intelligence, and allow you to see real ROI numbers.

Types of customizations:

  • Alerting the purchasing team when inventory is getting low.
  • Alerting the sales/shipping teams when a customer has started to place larger orders than usual.
  • Alerting the shipping team when shipping requirements are unique or a customer has special shipping requirements.
  • Custom batch tickets to identify what specific pieces are to be put in a blended batch, or a batch that has multiple ingredients.
  • Custom reports that measure weights and help streamline workflow.
  • Drill down reports to see actual costs and ROI for each process.
  • Detailed Analysis of sales data
  • True booking reports that reflect daily changes made to sales orders
  • And so much more!

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