Sage 50 Business Accounting Software (formerly known as Peachtree Accounting)

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Sage 50 and PositiveVision specialize in business accounting software that meets your specific requirements.

Designed for small businesses, Sage 50 is a comprehensive business accounting software that does more than crunch numbers – it can give your company an edge with greater visibility, enhanced analytics, and streamlined workflow.

Who is Sage 50 right for?

If you understand the difference between “getting the right numbers” and “getting the numbers right,” then you understand the difference between using QuickBooks® and using Sage 50. If you value accuracy, security, and control of your business management systems data in a multi-user environment, then Sage 50 is right for you.

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PositiveVision has been the choice for many organizations in the Greater Chicago, IL area since 2002. Our desire is to help you grow and fill the gap between where you are and where you need to be with your business accounting software. We operate with one goal in mind, to keep your business objectives in sight at all times.


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