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The food business has never had a higher profile in the eyes of the global community. Not only does the food manufacturing business process face the challenges of CPG firms, but it also also has the additional pressures of dealing with issues concerning nutritional content labeling, globalization of the supply chain, the effects of private labeling, food safety, and competitive challenges from industry consolidation.

Benefits of Sage PFW

From its earliest versions to the current release, Sage PFW ERP has been recognized as the industry standard software for manufacturing companies in the food and beverage industry because of it's capacity to help customers succeed with technical completeness and functional richness. As an ERP manufacturing software, Sage PFW ERP helps you respond to an increasingly competitive marketplace driven by rapid change in customer preferences, increasing legislative requirements, demands for faster order turnaround, and pressures to increase batch yields and efficiencies is what Sage PFW ERP does better than any other product available.

Food and beverage companies need more than process manufacturing software modules like Formulas, Production Scheduling and Inventory Control. That’s why Sage PFW offers a wide variety of other features and capabilities, all integrated to work together seamlessly. You can use Sage PFW to automate manufacturing, integrate sales with customer resource management (CRM), improve human resources with an integrated human resource management system, and manage all of your financials, from standard business accounting software to multicurrency and multicompany requirements frequently needed in an international marketplace.

Specific Features

Rapid Technological Change

Because Sage PFW ERP reflects over 20 years of continuous development in helping customers succeed, it is widely recognized as the industry standard process manufacturing software. The following highlights some of the benefits to using Sage PFW that can impact your ability to gain a competitive edge:

  • Recipe Management with intermediates support (multilevel)
  • R&D support with recipe optimization
  • Automated recipe revision tracking
  • Regulatory compliance including HACCP, USDA, and FDA support
  • Lot/bin/SSCC tracking with full recall and traceability
  • Multiple lot picking strategies with automation
  • Comprehensive inventory control management
  • Quarantine, and expiration date awareness
  • Robust quality testing and control by-product management
  • Product costing
  • Multicurrency capability
  • Multilanguage
  • Automated vendor lead-time management
  • Enterprisewide planning and budgeting
  • Vendor quality management
  • Electronic data interexchange (EDI)
  • Material requirements planning
  • Contract management
  • Monitor key performance indicators for batch quality, vendor performance, perfect order fulfillment, currency fluctuations, outstanding payables, and days inventory in transit with business alerts

Food Safety and Nutritional Labeling

In today's increasingly litigious and regulated environment, it is critical that food manufacturers maintain brand expectations of product quality. Sage PFW provides powerful tools for ensuring the maintenance of high product quality standards, including:

  • Powerful computerized formulation laboratory
  • Comparative physical properties analysis
  • Comprehensive vendor quality analysis
  • Multiple lot tracking methodologies
  • Quarantine and expiration date control
  • Complete QC data history maintenance
  • Full-function nutritional labeling capability

Rapid Response to Competitive Challenges

Sage PFW is a food ERP software specifically designed to allow you to be faster and more accurate in operations and to be able to react flexibly to customer needs.

  • "One-stop" order entry provides same-screen access to:
  • Customer history
  • Contract data
  • Custom pricing tables
  • Production data
  • Inventory control data
  • Substitution data
  • Advanced material requirement planning features
  • Material shortage analysis wizard
  • Seven different methods of automated batch sizing
  • Automatic unit of measurement for formulation and batches "Backflush" material requisitioning support for rework

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