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The Best Time to Hire a Manufacturing Software Consultant

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Dec 21, 2022 @ 11:00 AM

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If you are running a manufacturing business, you already know you are involved in a complex industry with multiple moving parts. Producing products is only part of the story. Before long, you are dealing with financing, scheduling, inventory, supply chain issues, payroll, sales, marketing, and much more. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the many hats you need to wear to keep the business running—and the stress that goes along with it. When you start feeling overwhelmed, hiring a manufacturing software consultant makes sense.

Why to Hire a Manufacturing Software Consultant from the Beginning

You may think your small or medium-sized manufacturing business doesn’t have the budget for a manufacturing software consultant. If you dont have the time or money to do something right from the beginning, when will you have the time or the budget to fix it later? There are good reasons to bring someone with this expertise on board as soon as you become busy enough to feel overwhelmed. Consider the following:

  • They have a high level of knowledge in this area.

Why do you consult with a doctor or a lawyer? You rely on their expertise to advise and guide you when facing an issue outside your understanding. 

Manufacturing software consultants have a highly advanced level of expertise in this area. You can’t take the time to investigate all the available software options and determine which would be best for your business while running it. An experienced consultant can assist you in making the best choices for your business. 

  • A manufacturing software consultant can look at your operation objectively.

Since you are working in your business every day, it can be difficult to step back from the situation and observe it impartially. A consultant looks at your business with a fresh set of eyes, and they can help you define your challenges, which is the first step in dealing with any issue.

  • Working with a consultant saves time.

A manufacturing software consultant knows manufacturers and is familiar with the software options available. They can identify where a business can benefit from using software to increase efficiency.

  • A manufacturing software consultant can help your business save money.

They can point out areas where your business can benefit from updating your existing system or introducing a new one. Once you make the recommended changes, the company will run more efficiently, saving money in the long run. 

What to Look for in a Manufacturing Software Consultant

Now that you know when to hire a manufacturing software consultant and some good reasons why you should take this step, how do you know you are working with the right one? Some signs to look for are:

  • They have proven results working with manufacturers.

A good manufacturing software consultant understands that manufacturers follow specific processes to keep their costs in line while keeping quality high. They also understand the importance of delivering orders on time. These processes are similar no matter what type of product the company makes. If you have a choice between a software consultant who has:

  • more experience working with manufacturers and can point to results achieved or
  • experience specific to your industry,

the best option is to choose someone with more experience working with manufacturers. They don’t necessarily need to have specific industry experience to understand how your business works.

  • They take the time to make an informed judgment about your companys needs.

An experienced manufacturing software consultant knows they can’t give you answers over the phone about your companys needs. They must take the time to get to know your business, what is working well for you, and where your challenges lie. The consultant must also learn about your short- and long-term goals before recommending an appropriate software solution. 

Anyone who tries to offer a blanket quote without getting to know you and your facility isn’t a good fit. Someone telling you to add automation” to your processes also isn’t helpful. This advice is too general. A good manufacturing software consultant should be able to tell you why automating a particular procedure will improve your business. 

PositiveVision Has the Bases Covered as Your Manufacturing Software Consultant

PositiveVision ticks off all the boxes as your best choice for a manufacturing software consultant. Our company has proudly served manufacturing customers in the Greater Chicago area for over 30 years. We focus on each customers needs to identify their issues and how they want the software to solve them. We present our opinion on how our customers can streamline their processes and improve operations using business process automation. Our experts guide you through decision-making to help you make an informed choice

PositiveVision will install and customize the new manufacturing software system. We offer training to your team and continue to work with you by providing remote software and tech support as needed. 

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