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Why You Need a Reseller in Your WMS Purchase

Posted by Robert Baran on Tue, Nov 17, 2015 @ 02:00 PM

Choosing the right value-added reseller is an important aspect of a successful WMS selection and implementation. Even though it may be tempting to eliminate the “middle man” in your system purchase, there are numerous reasons why you should work with a local reseller to optimize your distribution automation.

Value-added resellers exist because they can do their job more efficiently than you can. Resellers specialize in multiple software solutions, implementation processes, training and support. They bring a broad set of experience to your company so that you don’t have to staff that expertise in-house. You can rely on them to keep current on industry trends and new product functionality. In addition, resellers are often local industry experts who offer business consulting, local accountability and rapid support.

Choosing the right reseller is selecting a partner who will work with you to make your WMS decision and implementation successful and will offer expertise into the future. Here are some criteria you should look for when choosing a reseller.

Local industry expertise

As a company in the distribution industry, you want a reseller who understands your business and local area dynamics. This expertise enables customized solutions and more personal service.

Complete service package

Your reseller should provide quality service in all areas related to your WMS. These services should include implementation, training, technical support, business consulting and system maintenance. In addition, you should expect your reseller to assist you in product upgrades.

Effective communication

You should look for a partner who listens to your needs and is able to clearly communicate. In addition, your reseller should provide regular information on industry trends and best practices that will help you reduce costs, improve operations and optimize processes.

Commitment to excellence

Your WMS installation is critical to your business. Your reseller should recognize the importance of this software to your distribution automation plans and provide a product and installation that is free of errors.

Long-term stability

You make a long-term investment with a WMS and your provider should be there for you throughout the lifetime of your installation. Having a consistent partner means that you are working with someone who knows your business and your systems.

PositiveVision is a company that meets these ideals. We want to be a trusted advisor who leverages technology, has expert product knowledge and strong support to help you achieve your objectives. PositiveVision has been the choice for many organizations in the Greater Chicago area since 2002. Our customers value our partnership as you can see by reading their testimonials.

PositiveVision provides a complete service package and our desire is to help you grow and meet your business objectives. Our team of computer consultants have a proven track record for delivering optimal service and support to clients. We specialize in customizing, implementing, training and supporting distribution automation solutions. We have installed numerous systems and have worked with companies to ensure that their operations run as smoothly as possible while also lowering costs, enhancing vendor relationships and increasing customer loyalty.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can be a part of your WMS selection and implementation. For more information on how a reseller plays a part in your WMS choice, download our whitepaper, “How to Choose a Warehouse Management System”.

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