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Building the Teamwork Environment with Sage 300 Software

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Feb 28, 2018 @ 11:00 AM


Is your business looking to grow? Of course, it is. If you’re looking for ways to continue the growth of your business in 2018, you might need to look at your leadership. Is it a hierarchical style, also known as “pyramid” or “top-down”? Then you have some work to do: Studies show businesses that shift to a teamwork approach typically grow better, faster, and stronger than their hierarchy-led peers.

In other words, the better your staff works as a team, the stronger your organization will become. How do you shift from a directive-based organization to one that supports independent thinking, team creativity, and shared ownership of projects?

Change can be difficult. In fact, the Deloitte Human Capital 2017 study reveals that among 7,000 surveyed companies, the number one issue described by leaders is how to shift the organization and leadership structure to meet modern-day demands. 

Sage products, specifically Sage 300 software, can be the catalyst that transforms your organization from a “do this” mentality to a “we can do this together” mindset, creating a teamwork-based company.

Sage 300 Software Facilitates Teamwork

When you add an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system such as Sage 300 ERP, the shared resources and information enhance teamwork. 

Older business models relied on the boss to direct individuals to complete tasks. It wasn’t that the boss was smarter or better than the workers. He was simply the only one with the requisite knowledge to make decisions surrounding resources and personnel. The boss had information that the workers didn’t have, so they had to rely on his judgment to know which tasks to perform next, when, and why. 

Fast-forward to today: With the rise of systems such as Sage 300, information can be shared among workers so that no one needs to rely solely on one leader to dictate when, where, why, and how tasks are done. 

Leaders can set direction and focus, but workers are empowered with the information they need to manage tasks, work collaboratively, and streamline decision-making. Because all the information they need about accounts, clients, inventory, and sales is at their fingertips, they can act independently. The results are a faster, better organization in which individuals can work together on shared projects rather than wait for direction.

The Role of Leadership in Today’s Organization

Leadership has changed since the past century when one person dictated everything that happened within the office or factory floor. Today’s leaders are the ones who can motivate, inspire, and communicate the company’s vision effectively to the workers. The workers can then use information derived from their Sage 300 ERP to complete important tasks. Leaders aren’t needed to convey information; Sage software does that. Instead, leaders can spend their time interpreting and organizing that information to set goals and milestones as well as inspiring and motivating teams to achieve those objectives.

Technology Changed the Workforce

Although many factors influenced this shift from top-down leadership to a flat hierarchical structure, one important change is how technology impacts the workforce. 

Technology bridges information gaps. It enables people to work collaboratively in ways never seen before. It helps people do more in less time. 

It can be difficult, however, to keep up with the swift paces of change in the world of technology. PositiveVision has your back. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies select and implement the best software solutions for their business. Having the right software in place can make a big competitive difference. 

We can help you streamline inefficient processes, grow revenue streams, and reduce costs to become more productive, competitive, and profitable. Find out how PositiveVision can help your company leverage the power of Sage 300 in your business environment to build the team-based atmosphere that you need to succeed.

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