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ERP Solutions Help Manufacturers Get New Products to Market Faster - and Better

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Jul 05, 2017 @ 11:00 AM


Using ERP (enterprise resource planning) software such as SYSPRO can help you get new agri-products and food products to market faster and better than ever before. SYSPRO provides detailed information and real-time insights into every aspect of your supply chain so that you can manage, track, and monitor product development activities. With enhanced project management software and CRM modules that can monitor customer feedback, you’re well on your way to getting to market faster than your competitors.

Why Fast Is Better in a Competitive Market

Manufacturers know that the faster they can bring a new product to market, the more likely they are to dominate the market for that product. New products generate buzz and excitement, which in turn carries over into existing product lines, too. The resulting marketing lift brings home the saying that a rising tide raises all boats—one new product can bump sales throughout a manufacturer’s product lines as well as with the new addition.

Faster Product Development

The trick, of course, is to build new products at light speed in an industry hampered by regulations and restrictions. Such regulations and restrictions are intended for consumer protection, but they can seriously slow the momentum of a project as it builds speed towards the market.

An ERP system such as SYSPRO can help you navigate the complex layers of regulations, safety laws, and more. Using the ERP system's bird’s eye view of projects, you can monitor all steps in the product development process. Track progress towards goals, milestone completion, and compliance with regulatory issues at a glance on SYSPRO ERP systems.

Other ways in which your ERP system can help you move products to market faster include:

  • Schedule product development tasks in the system and measure progress towards completion;
  • Review real-time data to ensure progress towards goals;
  • Track expenses and predict potential revenue;
  • Use CRM modules to solicit customer feedback from product development.

Your ERP system is more than a business management system. It can be an important tool in your quest to get new products to market faster. With an organized, thorough approach to project management and product development, you can beat the competition to market with exciting products.

Tips for Better Product Launches

As you’re forging ahead with your new product launch and happily monitoring its progress on SYSPRO, it’s never too early to plan a successful product launch. Here are tips from Fast Company on how to use the positive momentum behind new product build-outs to create a successful product launch.

  1. Start promotion early: In competitive markets, it is essential to begin promoting new products early and often. Agri-manufacturing and food manufacturers face stiff competition for shelf space and mindshare among consumers and users of their products. Build awareness early and often. Consider a rolling launch, or a calendar of information scheduled to drip information to reporters, bloggers, and website editors who cover your market. Some experts recommend six to eight weeks prior to launch, but you may need to adjust those dates depending on how comfortable you are releasing product information prior to launch.
  2. Connect frequently with influencers: Marketplace influencers are those who influence or shape buying patterns in your industry. Finding those influencers and courting their interest early for a new product launch is another tip used by professional PR people to generate interest and enthusiasm for a new product. Consider sharing samples, data, or reports with them to help build the case that they should write about and advocate for your products.
  3. Brief industry analysts and editors: Make time to brief industry analysts, editors, and others about your new products as part of your pre-launch efforts.
  4. Use social media: Social media can be a great tool to share product pictures, stories, reports, and anecdotes about new products. Plan your campaign so that consistent messages raise awareness.
  5. Get attention during the release: A new product deserves attention. Schedule an event, video, or another "stand out" activity during your product’s initial rollout to generate further attention and awareness.

One thing not to do, according to the Fast Company experts, is to count on a single press release to do the job of a rolling pre-launch campaign. Many companies send out a press release announcing their new products and expect it to generate all the excitement and enthusiasm of a major campaign. Unfortunately, the days when a single press release could conquer the press are over. You have to constantly communicate the features and benefits of your new product launch to media managers and editors bombarded with information. Make your information stand out from the crowd for a successful product launch.

Expert ERP Consultants: PositiveVision

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