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Sage 300 and Teamwork Ramp Up Workplace Productivity

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Aug 09, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Sage 300

Sage 300 is business software that can help you with one goal that can be hard to quantify and accomplish: improving workplace productivity. Improving productivity is so much more than working faster; it’s about working smarter and better. Here’s how Sage 300 can help.

The Key Is Teamwork

Teamwork is the key to success in almost any business venture. Even though many departments within your company may seem to work independently, at some level, collaboration is required. During budgeting periods, the accounting and finance departments must support and collaborate with all other departments. Marketing and Sales (should be) on the same team, along with Customer Service, Warehouse, and Distribution departments to provide exceptional customer service and support to attract, retain, and build brand loyalty. Every group within your organization partners with another to ensure the success of a project, order, or production run.

Sage 300 makes organizational teamwork possible. Viewing, analyzing, and supporting teamwork through its data and processes can help you proactively organize teams and select the right people to work together for new projects.

Determine Tasks to Enhance Productivity

A focused approach to teamwork can help improve productivity, too. Once you’ve analyzed your company and determined the teams that need to work together, it’s time to list the tasks they need to accomplish.

Common tasks many businesses discover include:

  • Collaborating on data, documents, and reports
  • Setting task goals and deadlines
  • Sharing project status updates
  • Reviewing client information
  • Sharing information with clients
  • Guarding private client information
  • Accessing data and reports

You may wish to add your own company’s tasks to this general list. Business software should enable and streamline these tasks.  Sage 300 helps improve productivity by providing a framework for these tasks to be accomplished quickly and easily.

Sage software can help you encourage teamwork among various departments and improve communication, thanks to products such as Sage 300 ERP, Sage PFW ERP for the food industry, Sage CRM, and others. End-to-end financial management, accounting, production, and payroll data, to name just a few areas, can be viewed in totality or separately.

More importantly, the data from different points in your company is all brought into one dashboard. Sage 300 provides one central viewpoint from which anyone can peer into reports, analyze business data, or find the information they need to fulfill a customer order.

Teamwork is the key to today’s successful business, and with Sage 300, your entire team can work more efficiently. Communications are improved and business data is available to all. It’s a way to both facilitate and support teamwork for best results.

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