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7 Things to Consider Regarding a Remote Computer Access Program

Posted by Nicole Sherman on Tue, Mar 06, 2012 @ 02:13 PM

You may have heard of go-to-my-pc, log-me-in or several of the other affordable remote computer access programs. While many companies are considering the implementation of web based remote access software for their employees, others aren’t sure if applications like these are right for them. In this article we will cover some of the important factors you should consider before making the leap.

A trend that has been growing steadily over the last several years, remote computer access programs allow users to work from another location, share files, backup their data, manage their software and provide support to partners and vendors. What’s more, you can utilize these capabilities across multiple devices including Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad, or even some new cars! Some of the direct benefits include:

  • Better work schedule flexibility for employees/management leading to greater satisfaction levels and longevity
  • Decreased emissions from commute travel
  • Reduced overhead in regards to office space and energy usage
  • Supporting field and/or travelling staff members
  • The ability to remotely support, manage and back up all of your organization’s devices including desktops, laptops, servers, POS machines, smartphones, and more.

However before jumping in with both feet it is always a good idea to look at new technology from all angles to make sure it is right for you. Establishing your goals and creating a plan beforehand will increase the likelihood of success, and help diminish some of the unexpected challenges you may come up against. The following seven considerations should help you in determining whether web based remote access software fits your needs and how it can be best utilized for your organization.

  1. Why is a remote access program necessary for your employees?
  2. Who should and should not be allowed access?
  3. What will the remote access to be used for?
  4. Does your company want to allow employees to work remotely or after normal business hours? If so, how will you monitor their time, and honesty? NOTE: It is important to have policies that can keep employees accountable, but you will definitely need something extra within the remote access software capabilities to assist you in enforcing your policy. You may want to look into whether the remote access software has the ability to track usage by login, including log on/off times, and dates by username, etc.
  5. How will you handle the security aspect of allowing employees remote access to the computer network and all of its data without supervision?
  6. Who is responsible for making sure that the employees are using the remote access capabilities appropriately?
  7. Is there a limit on when, where, or how often they can log on? How do you plan to keep track of this?

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