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ERP Selection: Exploring the Possibilities, Achieving Results

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Apr 08, 2015 @ 11:13 AM

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) selection is no easy task. There are many concerns that go into the process of purchasing and implementing an ERP system.  These range from finding the right fit to spending the money on a solution, implementing and using it effectively. If you are feeling the pressure, you are not alone. Software Advice, a company that matches software buyers with vendors, recently released a report that analyzed implementation concerns, purchasing behavior, and common pain points of 250 prospective ERP software buyers, they found that 66% of these prospective buyers don’t even have an ERP system in place currently. This illustrates the hesitation that many businesses have about ERP selection. For 24% of buyers, they are looking to replace their current ERP system simply because they feel they have a lack of technical support in using it. You are not the only one out there lacking experience in implementing or replacing these critical software systems. It is important to know that there are lots of people feeling the same way.

Good News about the Possibilities of Making ERP Selection Successful

Even amidst the challenges and concerns you face, the good news is that there is support available. As ERP consultants, we can help your business circumvent the obstacles you face in ERP selection and mitigate the pain points associated with implementation. With our support, you can have great success in implementing and using a new ERP system to further manufacturing automation while streamlining processes. What you need is someone who can come alongside your business as an expert in this process. We can help you implement and provide ongoing support using ERP software so you can focus on growing a successful business.

Forrest Burnson, the researcher who carried out the Software Advice study, encouraged prospective buyers to consider an important disconnect. This is the disconnect between their beliefs about their capability to carry out ERP selection alone and the reality that can be true when partnering up with a qualified firm who can be of great assistance in the process. He said, “It’s critical for firms to carefully assess how capable they are in selecting and implementing a new ERP system. All too often, there is a disconnect between a firm’s expectations and what the vendor will actually provide in terms of implementation services and continued support. As ERP systems are significant investments, it is wise for prospective buyers to seek the help of a third party consulting firm if they’re unable to do all of the due diligence in-house to ensure that the selection and implementation processes go smoothly.”

Turning the Good News into Real Results for your Business: Where to go from Here

Over the next few weeks, we will be taking a closer look at the study done by Software Advice and its findings.  It will give you a much clearer view of the current scope of the ERP software market, current trends and frustrations, and conclusions.  These can turn into actions to help your business with manufacturing automation and other process automation through successful ERP selection and implementation. Please stay tuned for more detailed information about this topic over the next few weeks, but also feel free to contact us. We can help you address your unique concerns and questions as you embark on getting or improving your ERP software with the support needed to make it a success.

In addition, check out our pre-recorded broadcast “A 20/20 Look at Global Manufacturing” to better understand the current realities and future of manufacturing. This information coupled with the realities outlined here regarding ERP software will give your business a comprehensive view of where things stand and where they are going. This could help you to deciding whether the best choice for your business is to implement ERP software in a manufacturing cloud on your own system.  

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