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What’s New in the World of Sage 300

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Mar 22, 2017 @ 11:00 AM


Sage 300 ERP offers you the ability to dramatically shorten the time it takes to manage your company’s accounting and finance. With accurate, timely data streaming into your ERP system, you can make better business decisions, prioritize budgets, and more. It’s end-to-end financial management that puts data into your hands for improved decision-making.

Recently, Sage 300 updated its software to infuse it with new features and benefits for its long-time customers and to please new customers. Most of these changes are based on direct customer feedback and reflect actual user needs and requests.

New for 2017 from Sage 300 ERP

The 2017 updates to Sage 300 ERP incorporate customer feedback and provide additional value for busy companies. These updates include:

  • Mobile compatability: Optimized entry field layout makes it easier to enter information on your mobile device. New web screens (18 total) and an enhanced layout respond to mobile devices so your device initiatives won’t curtail your productivity.
  • Forecast and manage inventory: Sage Inventory Advisor has been updated with new and exciting enhancements—color-coded models for easier inventory management, enhanced graphs and charts, and more to help you assess current inventory and manage existing assets efficiently. Measure lead time performance, supply performance, and more.
  • Batched credit card processing: Pre-authorize credit cards and process multiple invoices and customers easily. It’s a great time-saving feature.

More Sage 300 Updates

Another exciting development is that Sage 300 now works with Payroll 7.3. The CRM version has also been updated so that it interfaces easily with Outlook, something that customers requested. Increase business visibility with notes, links, and more within Sage CRM. Use it to enhance communications, build rapport and relationships with customers, and develop your lead pipeline.

The Future of Sage 300

The new features added to Sage 300 ERP are terrific and make it a valuable addition to any business. But Sage isn’t content to rest on their past success. The company has already mentioned they are contemplating some additional innovations, including:

  • Updated order entry screens
  • Enhanced invoice screens
  • Easier accounts payable automation and integration
  • Additional core financials
  • Simple E-invoicing integration
  • Streamlined bank feeds
  • New Sage CRM integration
  • Accounts receivable customer and documents inquiry
  • Online backup and enhanced cloud-based features

The company hasn’t offered any insights into how they’re prioritizing these features. They may add them during later rollouts this year or save them for a major update next year. It’s still exciting to see the innovations at work behind the scenes at Sage.

Room to Grow Alongside Your Business

Sage 300 is both affordable and scalable. As your business grows, it’s easy to add new features, users, and programs that integrate with Sage 300 ERP. The company builds its software so that businesses like yours can continue using it without pause as they grow.

Another benefit of Sage 300 is its ability to connect all parts of your business into one seamless database. Instead of chasing down reports from one department or waiting for another to update their data, the real-time updates and data synchronization ensure that no matter where you’re accessing information, it’s consistent. Sage 300 ERP is an important tool for collaboration, reporting, and business insights.

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