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Why SMB's Should Consider Moving their ERP Software to the Cloud

Posted by Nicole Sherman on Mon, Oct 29, 2012 @ 10:59 AM

moving-ERP-software-to-the-CloudWhen it first emerged onto the software scene, ERP software was thought to only meet the needs of larger companies. However, as time has progressed, companies of all sizes have seen the value in ERP software and have made the investment despite the initial cost of implementation. Its advantages - such as improved customer relationship management, accounting, financing, and human resource capabilities – have far outweighed the high software costs in the minds of many companies. For this reason, ERP software has become one of the top desired software solutions to meet ever-increasing business demands. 

Recent cloud technology, however, has transformed the way businesses interact with their data and ERP software solutions. Rather than investing in typical “out of the box” ERP software, companies are now looking to the cloud for their software needs. Previously, the high cost of ERP software has prevented many smaller companies from making the ERP investment however with systems such as Infor VISUAL ERP, this is decreasing that concern. Additionally, the emergence of the cloud levels the playing field among businesses and gives smaller companies the chance to compete with their larger counterparts.

The convenience and low cost of cloud technology has prompted smaller companies to reconsider their stance on ERP software. Because of its ability to meet the unique challenges of small businesses, many are considering it to be the perfect opportunity for making an investment in ERP software. The following ERP software features highlight why small businesses should consider investing in (or moving their current ERP software to) the cloud:

1. ERP Software in the Cloud is an Affordable Solution

Let’s face it. In this economy, many companies have to cut back on certain areas of their budget and reevaluate their spending. Because smaller businesses have more limited funds than larger businesses, software investment is generally the first area to be cut. In the past, the cost of implementing and maintaining on-premise ERP software has far outweighed the benefits of investing in ERP software.

2. ERP Software in the Cloud can be Deployed Faster than Traditional Software

As competition continues to increase among businesses, smaller companies feel the need to become as profitable as possible, as quickly as possible. In order to make ERP software a worthy investment, companies need to see the ROI upfront. Cloud-hosted ERP software can be deployed quickly, allowing companies to start reaping the benefits of the software almost immediately.

3. ERP Software in the Cloud is the Perfect Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster recovery plans are crucial to the success of any business, large or small. Natural disasters and security breaches can wreak havoc on smaller companies that do not have a proper disaster recovery plan in place. Because they cannot afford the downtime that a disaster will bring, smaller companies will benefit greatly from cloud-hosted ERP software.

Unlike on-site ERP software, cloud ERP software is safe from potential disruptions that can harm or destroy important company files. If an issue occurs on-site, companies can still access their mission-critical data because it is stored off-site and accessible via the Internet. ERP in the cloud also makes it easier for companies to get up and running quickly since disaster recovery services are included with regular software backups. ERP software that is accessible through the cloud will enable companies to recover their data more quickly than they could in a physical, off-site database.  

Smaller companies that are looking to compete with larger enterprises are encouraged to adopt cloud computing to improve their ERP software deployments. Not only is the cloud the smarter choice in terms of cost, but as the companies grows, cloud-hosted ERP software will grow with it. Learn more about the benefits of ERP software in the cloud by downloading our “ERP in the Cloud – What You Need to Know” whitepaper. 

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