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Benefits Associated with ERP Selection and Manufacturing Automation

Posted by Robert Baran on Tue, May 26, 2015 @ 08:30 AM

Growing your business is likely an ongoing desire and goal for your company. Even if you are not a large company, you can still achieve significant growth and be innovative. To learn more about fostering growth through the ERP selection process, visit here. Let’s take a closer look at the opportunities you have to help your business grow by benefitting from ERP selection and manufacturing automation no matter the size of the company.

It’s not just corporate giants that can introduce the next new idea to the market. As a mid-sized manufacturer, you can do this as well. In fact, companies with fewer than 100 employees make up more than 94 percent of all US manufacturers, according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).  These are start-ups, family-owned businesses, and growing organizations with an entrepreneurial focus on innovation.

How, then, can these mid-sized companies identify, capture, and own new emerging market opportunities and provide innovative products that may not have been addressed before? Technology is the answer, and implementing the best technology to get you there is essential.

ERP Selection Benefits to Business Growth

Advanced software and integrated software gives mid-sized companies the leg-up they need. By being early adopters of the new functionality, they can beat the slower, less agile big names to new opportunities. One such technology is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. By using advanced analytics in modern ERP solutions, manufacturers—of any size—can be alert to shifting trends. Successful ERP selection and use also leads to the capability to achieve manufacturing automation leaving more time for innovation and less that needs to be focused on carrying out manual manufacturing operations.

Other Benefits of Technology Adoption and Innovation Including Financial Benefits to Cash Flow and Revenue Increases

Being an early adopter of technology offers many other benefits such as being able to enjoy return on investment and added revenue sooner. Why delay the benefits of better cash flow or added revenue? Early adopters can leverage these early gains and invest in further improvements, pushing their performances far beyond those who have not kept up. By starting early on the recovery cycles and profits gains, manufacturers can get so far ahead of their competition that it seems unlikely they can catch up.

This is why, in this era when manufacturing is quickly changing and competition is fierce, it pays to be on the forefront and be an early adopter of the powerful technologies that exist to automate and integrate processes. ERP selection is part of this, and manufacturing automation is another part. The benefits and opportunities are great! Contact us to learn how you can be a leader in manufacturing technology innovation and separate yourself from the pack of followers. For more information on what ERP solutions can do to help grow your business, visit here.

For further details on the benefits of using technology and ERP systems to further business growth, download our whitepaper “ERP – A Strategic Growth Driver for Manufacturing Firms.” With manufacturing firms being in a state of constant change in their effort to keep pace with the ever-developing face of the business environment and technology, this is cause for a business strategy review. This can result in organizational change that responds to the increasingly globalized marketplace, growing competitive pressure, and changing business practices. Change is becoming a necessity at every level in order to respond to ever-changing technologies that help with business growth. Are you ready to make the changes needed to help your business grow? Download our whitepaper to find out!

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