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Applying Collaborative Analytics to Business Intelligence Software for Success

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, May 13, 2020 @ 11:00 AM

As companies look to improve efficiency, productivity, and innovation in an uncertain landscape, collaboration emerges as the key to improvement. Applying collaboration to analytics only further improves the efficacy.

Collaborative analytics functions by bringing processes, ideas, and people together. Adding business intelligence software to the mix takes it all to the next level. Together with BI, collaborative analytics will empower stakeholders to analyze both current and historical data, while also sharing perspectives that enable them to focus on the right actionable insights.

With collaborative analytics, multiple minds from across the company examine business data together and find the best solution for the organization as a whole. Here’s how.

Remove Data Silos for Better Business Insights

Information used to flow in one direction: from the top down. Corporate leaders received data input from their teams and used that data to create elaborate presentations. Data was shared in formal meetings, with someone leading the meeting and presenting the data using a PowerPoint presentation or a laboriously written report.

Today’s business intelligence data flows from one employee to another across teams—and even departments. Everyone who has access to the business intelligence software system can find and use data from all points within a company.

This collaboration provides analysis and perspective from other departments, meaning that finance can make strategic decisions while ensuring they won’t negatively affect marketing, and manufacturing can share insight that will help the sales team be more effective.

Analytics and Insight From Anywhere

This combination of cloud technology and improved sharing of data leads to bigger and better changes for an organization. “Analytics for all” is the rallying cry of the new generation of business intelligence systems.

Systems once limited to access on-site can now be viewed at home on a tablet, on a smartphone while at a client’s office, or anywhere employees are working. Reports can be run from the business intelligence system that makes it easier for everyone to understand and use data.

More information, with improved access and easier interpretation, means your employees can contribute more to the development and improvements in your business. Using data as a springboard for decisions becomes the norm for all rather than the purview of a select few executives.

Data access from anywhere is even more important now as companies are maneuvering through remote work situations. Though circumstances have changed, many activities need to proceed as normal, including data access for business insights. BI enables teams to access vital information to drive the business forward from wherever they’re located.

Gain Confidence With BI

Right now, it may seem as if data use in your organization is still the exception rather than the norm. It takes time for everyone to become comfortable with using and analyzing data.

You can help your employees gain confidence using business intelligence data by offering plenty of training sessions on how to use the BI system. As their confidence in the new business intelligence software system grows, they’ll be able to contribute more to every project.

Additionally, research has shown that interaction with team members improves both employee satisfaction and confidence. With collaborative analytics, you can have an automatic boost in confidence and trust between teams.

Find the Right BI Software With PositiveVision

The benefits of using collaborative analytics to support BI are clear, yet according to IDC, less than a quarter of IT, business, and analytics experts consider their collaboration levels as extensive. If teams are still functioning in silos, the business risks making decisions based on information that is outdated at best and full of errors at worst.

The good news is PositiveVision can help you find the right business intelligence software for your company. With a cost-effective, quickly-deployed BI strategy, you can access the critical data you need to identify issues early, make accurate analyses, and take timely action for improving performance. Let one of our expert software consultants get you started today. 


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