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For the Win: Being Victorious in Choosing an ERP Software Solution

Posted by Robert Baran on Fri, Nov 14, 2014 @ 12:15 PM

Victorious ERP Software SelectionWhether you are considering enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the first time or are in need of an updated and upgraded version, selecting and implementing the best solution for your business is no easy task. Modern ERP software offers extended functionality and allows your business to produce optimal results. Just as athletes strive to win the game, businesses should strive to be victorious in choosing and using the best software solutions for their company. In order to have a victory in the software modernization battle and implement the necessary ERP software improvements with ease, follow these tips:

  • Prepare: Before you begin the project, inform all software users of the purpose of the new or upgraded ERP system.
    Keeping your employees in the dark about the change or upgrade will only work against you. Communication with your software users is important to the success of the project; after all, they will be the ones using the software. State your business case for having or upgrading the ERP system, inform users of the benefits of the new system, and explain any changes pertaining to the user.
  • Practice: Train your employees thoroughly on the new system.
    Knowledge is power, particularly in the case of ERP software. Training your employees is crucial, even if the software is similar to what was already being used. There are always new features that could use some hands-on training before it’s time to go live with the system. Make sure that you clear up any questions your employees many have and sufficiently train them.
  • Have a Scrimmage before the “Game”: Perform a “mock” Go Live.
    Before you go live with the new or updated system, you need to make sure that everything will go as planned. Make sure to practice under the same conditions you will have when you go live (such as weekend access, backup windows, and office conditions). This will ensure that you are prepared for all scenarios so your go live is seamless and painless.
  • Huddle Up before You Play: Address security and backup concerns before you upgrade.
    Just as teams make sure everyone is on the same page before a game and know which opponents to watch out for during the match, you’ll want to be sure everyone shares security concerns they may have before you move forward with a system implementation or upgrade. Archiving your current files will save you a sufficient amount of time and money when it comes time to upgrade your system. Also, address any security concerns you may have before you move forward with each system upgrade. The larger your system gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to attack. Make sure you protect your information by maintaining the proper security protocols.
  • Choose an Experienced Coach: Have an experienced consultant perform the upgrade – not the new guy on your IT staff.
    If you are upgrading your ERP system, it is important to understand that ERP upgrades don’t happen very often. It’s important that you utilize your best resources possible. Hire an experienced ERP software consultant to perform the upgrade. Just like a good coach, a good consultant will not only be knowledgeable of the system but will also know the problems to expect during the process and can keep the system performing during the upgrade.

You are now ready to go out there and win the ERP implementation game! Please contact us here at Positive Vision for guidance and to learn more about ERP implementation or visit here to learn more about ERP options we offer for your business. 

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