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ERP Software and Manufacturing's Transformation through Technology's Impact

Posted by Robert Baran on Thu, Jan 08, 2015 @ 10:58 PM

Technology’s ever developing new systems and fast pace can be challenging for manufacturers with heavily customized systems, and there is constant pressure to decide whether or not to expand functionality based on high costs of modification. To upgrade or not to upgrade is a consistent question being asked in IT departments. Fortunately, modern ERP solutions are built on loosely coupled, flexible architecture for easy expansion, easy upgrades, and easy integration to new applications or legacy solutions.

This reduces the risk of shattering old systems when adding new things onto them, but it is still necessary to make difficult decisions concerning priorities and investment strategy in economic times that are just starting to turn around. At the same time, the number of tempting new applications abound. To remain competitive, manufacturers must continue to stay current with best practices, productivity levels, and meeting customer expectations with a competitive edge.

Technology offers many other benefits to companies facing rapid change. Today’s highly consumable analytics is just one way new advanced ERP systems help manufacturers adjust to changing market conditions with greater ease. The ease-of-use and self-service reporting capabilities give personnel at all levels greater ability to manage personal key performance indicators (KPIs), monitor departmental goals, and be proactive in anticipating customer needs.

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