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ERP Selection that Fosters Growth

Posted by Robert Baran on Thu, May 21, 2015 @ 08:30 AM

Do you ever feel like the challenges facing you as manufacturers are overwhelming? The day-to-day operations in manufacturing can be challenging enough in and of themselves. Add to that the need for improved manufacturing automation and distribution automation, and you are up against quite the task. We can understand why you may feel overwhelmed by all that is demanded and needed to keep manufacturing prospering.

Internal pressures to improve automation, trade, profitability, and streamlining are difficult enough. Added pressures from economic issues and global markets, that are transforming processes and demands, make it even harder to achieve success. The benefits outweigh the challenges, though. This is through a streamlined, real-time, interconnected, and integrated system that leads to improved profitability and performance. To learn more about improving productivity and integrating in order to achieve true automation using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, visit here. Taking it a step beyond profitability and performance is also necessary as your manufacturing firm looks to the future and strives to be creative and innovative in the constant quest for growth and development. How is this achieved?

ERP software can provide the functionality and interconnectedness needed to not just survive but to thrive and grow. With an ERP system that is built on modern technological platforms, it can leverage service-oriented architectures and standardized protocols. It can deliver seamless application connectivity with hardware and software as well as the prospect of pooling developments. It embeds technology for seamless uptake and more effective use of tools that enhances manufacturing automation. Productivity is promoted through superior efficiency, enhanced reporting tools, electronic management of documents, collaborative technologies for data sharing and transparency, and graphical representations of commonly-used processes. Growth can be achieved because the system is doing so much for you that you can focus on where you want to go from here and how you want to grow.

Here are some of the areas in which ERP selection of a powerful and modern ERP software helps with application connectivity, power, and flexibility to aid in growth:

  • Purchasing- quotes, orders, invoices
  • Sales- delivery notes, invoices, contracts
  • Production- quality reports, technical documentation
  • Human Resources- contracts of employment, social security statements, pay slips
  • Accounting and Finance- financial reports, accounting records, online tax returns
  • After-sales- callout reports, orders, invoices, distribution automation

Another important feature of a modern ERP solution is its usability. With a system that is intuitive, the learning curve in using it is reduced, and extra support and training is not as necessary. Employees are encouraged, instead of scared, to adopt and use new tools and can use them effectively with little extra effort. These new technologies make life easier and improve working conditions.

With so many features and an ease of use, ERP software is accelerating the process of learning and using new systems so much that the tools are speeding company growth. Modernized information systems, new solutions, web-based functions, mobile functionality, and other features of modern ERP are making it easier than ever to respond to growth and have a competitive and innovative advantage.

For more information on one such ERP software system your company can implement to aid in growth and how to be successful in ERP selection, visit here. Contact us to help you in the process of ERP selection and implementation.

To learn more about the challenges of our current business and manufacturing world, the opportunities that exist through modern ERP solutions for enhanced manufacturing automation, distribution automation, productivity, profitability, performance, and growth, download our whitepaper now. “ERP – A Strategic Growth Driver for Manufacturing Firms” gives insight into how to respond to ongoing changes and challenges so your business can continue to grow.

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