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Using ERP Software to Globalize Business

Posted by Robert Baran on Thu, Jul 09, 2015 @ 09:45 AM

International integration, also known as globalization, is a process that is increasing with the inner workings of business at a rapid pace. For businesses small and large the pressure to keep up with the technological times is ever increasing. Mid-sized companies are no different. They, too, feel the weight of globalization and the increased competition that results from it. No matter the size of the company, price pressures and fierce competition make globalization a difficult task. Robust enterprise resource planning or ERP software, such as Sage 300 ERP, is a long-term tool that when used properly can result in a greater likelihood of international integration success.

Risks and Rewards of Globalization

Most likely, one of the many goals as a mid-sized business is  to establish and maintain an international presence. This comes with many benefits and potential rewards. New sales markets abroad can be tapped by demonstrating high innovative capacity on an international level. Trading and sales sources increase with foreign markets as well. In addition, global expansion can give access to qualified and specialized knowledge.

Although great benefits do come with risks and challenges, the attractive opportunities offered by globalization also come with the danger of failing in the expansion process. This is largely due to the speed of globalization. The aggressive nature of global business markets and the complexities involved in going global are other risk factors that need to be watched.

Internationalizing Help is Found within an ERP System

To increase the chances of success while mitigating the potential risks and establishing an international presence, you need a solid foundation built upon ERP software. An ERP system increases transparency, manages growth, reduces costs, and streamlines the organization’s processes. It also improves cooperation across countries, subsidiaries, corporate divisions, and employees. Within an ERP software’s overarching system, management processes can be integrated across planning, production, and financial realms.

These capabilities and functionalities found in ERP software create the necessary building blocks  for  a successful globalized business. PositiveVision offers Sage 300 ERP, which offers options needed for increasing international presence and success in going global. Learn more about Sage 300 ERP.

Download our whitepaper “Success On An International Scale: What An ERP System Can Offer” for further information about the rewards and risks of internationalization. ERP software can be the foundation you need to successfully lead your company into the global business world.

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