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The Benefits of Automating Job Shop Software

Posted by Robert Baran on Thu, Jan 27, 2011 @ 03:26 PM

Have you ever completed a project and then realized that the projections were skewed and the profits are less than desirable? Inaccurate information, unexpected job-related expenses and many other factors can be attributed to losses like these. Even the most meticulously kept binders, and well thought out spreadsheets still lack the capabilities you need to keep your project information accurate and current. Using out of date manual methods will only slow down your process, delay reporting, and increase error.

That’s where Job Shop (or Job Costing) Software comes in. First, it will assist you with accurately calculating costs, making projections and determining a job’s true costs before you start. Then throughout the process it will recalculate whenever relevant data such as invoice amounts, materials charges, and change orders are entered into the system. The best part is – you only have to enter the information once and it will update throughout your system, wherever applicable. Costs can then be exported to Excel for reporting and/or printing. Further, the software can be integrated with laptops and handheld devices so you can access the information you need remotely, and two user levels allow your suppliers to enter costs from their end while still protecting other data.

The features provided through job shop software will give your managers access to real-time job-specific information and up-to-date reports for better decision making. This increased visibility will likely result in smoother projects and higher profits over time. Job costing software improves the entire scope of a project from beginning to end.

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