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ERP Selection Criteria: Room for Expansion

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Apr 12, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

ERP selection

ERP selection means taking into consideration numerous features to choose the system that best meets your business needs. You’re choosing a system not just for today’s needs, but for the future. And although you can’t see with certainty what tomorrow holds, you can prepare for the future by keeping your options open.

One way to keep your options open is to make sure that your ERP selection includes an API interface. An API interface enables you to write custom code to add your own scripts later on. Many companies, for example, are exploring the world of AI, or artificial intelligence, and how they can add it to their ERP selection to improve performance and customer service.

AI: The Future of Customer Service

You probably interacted with an AI system this week or month during your workday or leisure time. Many AI systems are now so ubiquitous we take them for granted. Alexa, Amazon’s popular voice-command jack of all trades, is an AI equipped with internet access to find what you need. Other AI systems include chatboxes that guide customers through the prescripted material to assess needs and respond accordingly.

AI is likely to be the future of customer service as machines get smarter and cheaper. This includes the realm of manufacturing, where reps may not have time to walk customers through simple questions and answers. Chatboxes can be programmed to learn and respond so that they help customers find the answer to the most frequently asked questions.

The Benefits of Automated Chat

Adding a chatbox to your business offers many benefits. Customers, themselves, can control the interaction with your company. They can look for product support information, frequently asked questions, and more. They can also scan through company documentation to find answers to common questions. AI systems can do this faster than people can.

Millennials are the next generation stepping into management positions. This demographic loves to serve themselves and feels technically competent. Providing an AI based system won’t seem strange to them and may actually enhance your company’s reputation among Millenials.

Bots can also be used to streamline internal processes. Like Alexa answering to personal commands, bots in the office environment may be useful for finding important documents, locating people in the office, and more. They offer potential to improve efficiencies and cost-effectiveness throughout the business world.

SYSPRO ERP: API Enabled for AI Readiness

As you contemplate ERP system selection, consider SYSPRO ERP. Its API enables custom programming and expansion so that you can make your ERP system “AI ready”. Other features of SYSPRO include:

  • Automation and integration of core business processes such as scheduling operations, taking customer orders, keeping business records and more
  • Cloud-based system makes it easy and efficient to work on SYSPRO
  • Mobile and device agnostic—as long as you have internet access, you can access your ERP
  • Improves effectiveness of manufacturing, distribution, reporting, analysis, and financial management

SYSPRO’s advanced API makes it easy to interface with the latest technology. So add that bot. Make your own Alexa. The choice is yours with SYSPRO.

PositiveVision: ERP System Selection Made Easier

PositiveVision provides consulting and services to manufacturing and distribution companies. We can help your warehouse run more efficiently and provide you with the right tools to gather accurate and timely data. With the right data, you can better manage your business. Learn more on our website or contact us today.

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