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Getting Smarter About Business Intelligence

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, May 15, 2019 @ 11:00 AM

As the newest batches of college grads prepare to cross the stage and start their careers, they’ve probably done research into the most up-and-coming jobs or industries and planned accordingly. Jobs they can hold now didn’t exist when their parents graduated college, and technology will evolve such that the next generation will have several completely new job options we haven’t even thought of yet. Consider that twenty years ago, there was no such thing as a social media specialist or app developer. Tomorrow, we could be facing a world where it’s normal to not have postal workers, cashiers, or taxi drivers.

As old jobs disappear, new ones appear, or current roles are augmented. Thanks to the use of business intelligence, companies can grow, expand, and profit in new ways. Data-driven companies know the information gleaned from their systems doesn't supplant the statistical analyst who once worked the spreadsheets but complements her job in new ways.

Leveraging Your Business Intelligence

Lamplighters, copy boys, and switchboard operators all share one thing in common: human ingenuity pushed their jobs aside. Automation, including electric lights, email, and texting—all created by human ingenuity—pushed technology to the next level. Paired with human ingenuity, business intelligence can take automation and put it to good use.

The ultimate goal of a useful data analytics and business intelligence system is to inform decision-making. With the right use of business intelligence, companies can:

  • Improve operational efficiency: In business, there are two leverage points to grow profits: increase gross revenues or decrease operating costs. Both will help boost net revenues. Business intelligence can help you do both by improving operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and improving productivity, which all lead to higher net revenues.
  • Increase revenue: Smart data analytics and business intelligence reveal facts that can lead to creative insights into profitable business strategies. New approaches to business problems may increase sales. That also tilts the revenue equation favorably for any company and, combined with decreased costs, boosts profits.
  • Shorter customer response times: Companies that rely on the use of business intelligence to inform their customer service operations can dramatically shorten the response time to customer queries. By automating how queries enter the company through multiple channels, they can be routed more quickly to the appropriate person. Short response times lead to happier customers.
  • Solve business problems: Looking across business intelligence data also helps you pinpoint recurring issues. These problems may be small, but over time can build up and result in drains on systems, profitability, and worker productivity. Using business intelligence can help you find and fix these problems.

The automation of business processes isn’t new: It’s what allows businesses to progress over time. If you employ automation, your business will be able to survive and thrive in times of stress. Using data, analytics, business intelligence, and automation, you'll be in a much stronger position to weather the storms of competition, economic downturns, and more. The future begins with the best use of business intelligence and automation that improves many areas of your business.

PositiveVision Helps Build Business Intelligence and Automation

Technology has already pushed manufacturing into Industry 4.0; now’s the time to also leverage the right automation and business intelligence solutions to make sure the technology in your next industrial revolution is up to the challenge.

Information is essential currency for the success of your business, and without the right business intelligence, you can’t spend that knowledge. PositiveVision has been delivering ERP and other business software solutions for more than fifteen years, helping businesses streamline inefficient processes, grow revenue streams, and reduce costs. With our team of experts on your side, you’ll know that your company has the information it needs to keep growing far into the future. Learn more today.

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