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On-Premises Cloud ERP: How You Can Have It All

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Aug 03, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

With all of the movement toward cloud business systems, you may be wondering if these applications can really provide the functionality and security of proven ERP systems. Will cloud-based ERP work for your business when you need a lot of customization?

In fact, in your ERP selection, you can have it all—proven software, broad functionality, and all of the benefits of cloud ERP.

SYSPRO, a cloud-based ERP, is a real alternative to older ERP systems. With SYSPRO ERP, it is possible to have the best of both worlds—a lightweight, agile system that is easier to implement, mobilize, and customize—but also a feature-rich enterprise system that is powerful enough to support every aspect of your business. SYSPRO is available in either on-premises or hosted in the cloud so you can choose the deployment that works best for you.

SYPRO ERP Has the Functionality You Need

Can SYSPRO really do what your business needs? Yes. In fact, not only can you gain the efficiency and ease of cloud ERP, but you can also have the full-featured functionality of proven ERP software. SYSPRO is sold in modules covering all the functionality you need for accounting, distribution, manufacturing, and reporting. Even more specialized modules can be purchased including EDI, POS, document management, and more.

Because no two businesses are alike, SYSPRO offers extensive customization and personalization. You can change the look of the user interface to suit the needs of individual users and change the processes to fit your workflow.

In addition to functionality and customization, SYSPRO can simplify the implementation process, increase business agility, and reduce the cost of ownership.

SYSPRO ERP Eases the Pain of Implementation

SYSPRO can be implemented on-premises or in the cloud so you can select the deployment that works for your business. If you ever need to switch deployment models, you can do that as well. If you choose to outsource the hosting of your ERP, you do not need to have extra staff to support the new hardware and software platforms.

SYSPRO ERP Increases Business Agility and Transparency

When your business is growing, whether through increased sales, geographic expansion, or acquisition, SYSPRO ERP can help your business be agile and flexible. By leveraging mobile ERP capabilities such as improved access and transparency, your organization can transform processes to alleviate growing pains. Mobile ERP can ease the migration of shared processes and data, help move toward integrated systems, and provide multi-location access.

An easy-to-use, mobile user interface is expected today, which means that internet and mobile offerings need to be provided. SYSPRO Espresso offers much easier delivery of corporate data and information on mobile platforms allowing employees, suppliers, and customers access to critical data on any device and from anywhere.

SYSPRO ERP Can Reduce the Cost of Ownership

When ERP first became available, only mega-companies could afford to implement it. The upfront software, hardware, and implementation costs were a major barrier to small businesses. That has changed with ERP software like SYSPRO and Sage 300 built for small and medium-sized businesses. With hosted or SaaS (Software as a Service) ERP, the barriers in terms of time and cost have been lowered. With SYSPRO’s SaaS offering, you pay a monthly subscription for the software and its support. With the hosted deployment model, you rent the hardware and support but make an initial software license payment upfront, with annual license renewal. You can also choose the traditional on-premises deployment model by providing your own hardware and support.

Still not convinced? How about the fact that SYSPRO was a double winner in the Network Products Guide 11the Annual 2016 IT World Awards®? SYSPRO won a silver award for “Best IT Company of the Year—Software” and a gold award for “Customer Service Department of the Year.”

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