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Sage 300cloud V. 2020 Introduces New Features

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Dec 04, 2019 @ 11:00 AM

While the rest of us gear up to enter 2020 come January 1, Sage 300 and 300cloud are already arriving in the future: This past August, Sage 300 v. 2020 released and it’s taking ERP straight into the future. Many of the key features that 2020 users will enjoy include improvements to CRM integration, classic screens, and enhancements to the web screen experience.

Sage 300cloud Web Screens

If your team has been running the classic Sage 300 desktop and balks at moving to the web version, it’s time to rejoice. With the new 2020 release, organizations have the option to install Sage 300cloud web screens. These modernized versions of Sage 300 screens can be used in a web browser. They also run parallel to the Classic Desktop screens which means your team doesn’t have to choose between desktop and web. Every user can default to the interface that works best for them. Those using Classic Desktop will be able to check the Current Users screen to see who is logged into Classic Desktop, and who is using Web Screens.

Best of all, no matter which interface you choose, you’ll still be able to work seamlessly with a single shared set of organization data.

These are some of the new screen options available for web for the first time:

  • Payroll Employee Timecards: Now you have access to enter and manage employee timecards from web screens.
  • Multi-Tabbed Browsing: Like to have a few windows open at once for comparison? Now Sage 300cloud will run simultaneously in multiple browser tabs or windows. (Tip: Alt+D+Enter will create a duplicate tab of the one you currently have open.) Make a note, however, that version 2020 does not support Internet Explorer, so if you haven’t already, consider moving to Chrome or Firefox as your default browser.

Sage 300 Classic Improvements

The web interface wasn’t the only one to get a facelift. Classic Desktop got some important upgrades too. Get better assistance with improved Help files for more relevant search results. While it’s important to note that Help shows in a browser window and is only available online, users can download help files from Sage’s Knowledge Base. These files, however, will not interact with Sage 300; the F1 key will only bring up online help, not downloaded files.

Better Connections to CRM

The improvements don’t just stop with the Sage 300 ERP, either. Integration between Sage 300cloud and Sage CRM also got some enhancements:

  • Creating or editing an OE transaction in Sage 300 that is already linked to a CRM opportunity will automatically create a corresponding communication record in Sage CRM.
  • No more switching between CRM and Sage 300cloud to get more transaction information. A new link in CRM communications will take you directly to OE documents and an inquiry web screen.
  • Proxy servers no longer need to be separately installed.

Upgrade Sage 300cloud With PositiveVision

Clearly, a lot of time and thought went into the development of the 2020 version so that Sage 300 end users can take even more advantage of their favorite technology. If your organization already uses Sage 300, it’s definitely time to consider upgrading!

Need some help with your upgrade, or considering moving to Sage 300cloud for the first time? At PositiveVision, we’ve got the Sage smarts you need to get your company up and running on Sage 300. Whether you’re looking for on-premises, cloud, or a combination of the two (easily facilitated with this latest 2020 version!), our team of experts can take you through start to finish, and will stay on call long after you’re fully implemented.

Find out what Sage 300cloud can do for your business needs. Connect with our experts now.


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