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Sage ERP Watches Trends

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Jul 19, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Sage ERP

Sage ERP is one of the leading enterprise resource planning software systems for a good reason. Sage takes emerging trends very seriously and uses trends in conjunction with customer feedback to build better, faster, and more efficient products. Sound familiar? That’s probably how your company works, too.

Trends can emerge from any industry. Trends from the world of finance such as blockchain, for example, are now making their way into other industries where secure transactions are essential. Someday you may purchase your home over the internet thanks to blockchain technology. It’s just one example of how emerging trends from one industry are shaping what’s happening in other industries.

ERP systems aren’t immune to the trends in the world today. Sage is watching several exciting trends to see which ones may help customers the most. These trends include:

  1. Modular ERP: ERP packages typically contain software to assist with accounting and financial management. A new approach to ERP takes into consideration the varying needs of companies. One company may need human resources software, another project management, or CRM components. To accommodate these needs, a modular approach, like clicking together colorful plastic blocks to build castles or cars, is now making its way into Sage ERP products. Start with a base package and add what you need. It’s a flexible method of building the best system for client needs.
  2. Cloud ERP: Cloud ERP can help companies afford a robust business management software that can boost productivity and efficiency. In the past, companies often hesitated to invest in ERP given the high cost of infrastructure, hardware, and support staff to run it. But now with cloud technology, all you need is an internet-connected device to use it and you’ve got a powerful business tool at your fingertips.
  3. Mobile: Mobile ERP is part of the Sage ERP family of products. It can help you transform your manufacturing plant or warehouse. Instead of having staff tied to a desktop unit, they can access the ERP system through any device. Smartphones and tablets are much easier to carry around a warehouse, for example, than a laptop. It makes it easier for everyone to use an ERP system.
  4. BYOD: BYOD stands for bring your own device, and it’s something that’s been catching on in the world of manufacturing. Companies once frowned upon staff using their own technology because software rarely worked well on it. Now with cloud technology, all you need is an internet connection and any device can access company systems. It makes working from home, business trips, or simply moving about the office much easier.
  5. Using data for competitive advantage: Having real-time access to accurate data is now essential for companies seeking a competitive advantage. In the world of manufacturing, it’s important to know precisely where projects stand in the pipeline, who is assigned to tasks, and the current supply chain picture. With such data, you can build new products, launch marketing, and sales initiatives, and take advantage of any competitive intel you have to gain market share and sales.

Artificial Intelligence in the Future of ERP?

AI, or artificial intelligence, is also gaining a foothold in many industries. New programs demonstrate how AI can take disparate and complex data and derive conclusions from it. Systems using AI can process large volumes of data and parse them into easily understood reports, another bonus for manufacturers. And AI systems are being used now to scan and understand documents, so they can shorten the time it takes to implement regulations and guidelines. 

Someday, AI may be used in every ERP system, including Sage ERP. Right now, it’s intriguing to watch how it is being used in financial companies, insurance, mortgage, and global banking systems. If the companies handling the world’s money trust AI-based information, it’s only a short time before other industries, including manufacturing, trust it too. 


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