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Sage Software: Closing the Gap for SMEs

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Dec 27, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Sage software

SMEs (small, medium-sized enterprises) face many challenges when it comes to competing on the global stage. Your software, however, shouldn’t be one of them. With Sage software, you can close the gap between your small or mid-sized business and the "big guys" competing on the global stage. Enhanced productivity, profitability, and cost management can all work to your advantage to make your business more competitive against others.

Why Do SMEs Need Better Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

When you think of a small or medium-sized business and compare it to a large corporation, which do you think has the bigger advantage?

Many people assume that large companies wield greater competitive advantages. While it is true that big companies can produce higher volumes, more doesn’t necessarily equate to better. And yes, big companies can negotiate with vendors for better rates, but smaller companies have the advantage of being able to adjust production quickly to meet changes in demands and customer needs.

Enterprise resource planning software provides business data and insights to SMEs that were once only the purview of big businesses. Newer Sage software products enable even the smallest manufacturer to harness the power of a robust ERP program like Sage 300 ERP or other Sage ERP products. These software packages enable you to make better decisions around your inventory, production costs, sales, marketing and more.

Accurate, real-time data from your ERP system can be used to adjust production schedules to meet consumer demand, avoid excessive inventory, enhance relationships with suppliers and vendors, and more. With the right software, your business can compete on an even playing field with the "big guys" around the world.

Best Practices for Choosing ERP Software

There are some recommendations for SMEs as they begin exploring new ERP software systems for their businesses. Here are a few that can help you choose the right software for your needs:

  • Assess and update skills: Before updating your software, consider the current technology skills among your team. While it is true that cloud-based programs do not require a dedicated server for hardware and the resulting staff to maintain it, you will still need people on staff who are comfortable utilizing software. Consider adding training sessions for both software and data use and interpretation to get the best value from your new software package.
  • Rethink the costs of software investments: Many SMEs look only at the price tag on the software before deciding. That’s a mistake since the cost of software is just one side of the equation. Consider competitive advantage, long-term growth potential, time saved with manual data entry, and more as the other side of the cost-benefit ratio when evaluation enterprise resource planning software.
  • Prepare for change: Software such as Sage 300 ERP can help you manage existing processes better, but it can also provide you with insights and ideas on how to do things differently. Get ready to change how you think about and run your business. As you begin to use the software, you may find new and innovative ways of marketing, sales, customer service, warehouse management and more after you review the data and reports. 

Nearly every company in the world began as a small business. It is through innovation, seized opportunities, and smart business management that these small businesses grew to become the giants they are today. You too can grow your business with the right software to help you improve productivity and profitability.

At PositiveVision, we’ve been helping companies around the Chicago area and beyond find and use the right technology for their needs. Enterprise resource planning software such as Sage 300 ERP offers you the same powerful technology for your SME as it once provided solely to larger companies. For more information, visit PositiveVision or contact us today.

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