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Save Time and Money with the Release of Sage 300 2017.1

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Jan 04, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

If you aren’t familiar with Sage 300 (formerly Accpac), it is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that offers small to medium sized businesses the tools to connect all areas of their business, optimize processes, and streamline workflows. It can minimize growing pains and maximize productivity within your business. Sage introduced Sage 300c last November. This version provided enhancements to ensure that Sage customers could experience all the benefits of modern design and mobile technology, while still actively enhancing the traditional desktop version.

Sage, who has shown a great commitment to continually modernizing their products to meet the needs of their many users, announced the release of Sage 300 2017.1 on December 1, 2016. The new release comes with some fantastic new features that will save you time and money. We are going to give you a peek at some of our favorite highlights.

New Features for both Sage 300 2017.1 and 300c 

Efficient Transaction Processing 

Time is money, and with the new buttons feature that has been added, it makes saving time and money that much easier. The new buttons feature makes it possible to pre-authorize and charge credit cards with one click. The ability to select and process multiple pending invoices from multiple customers at one time is a great time saving feature. To maximize efficiency, users can set up reminders for regular payments in the scheduler.

New Features for Sage 300c 2017 Only

Smarter Transaction Processing

We all love to make things customized to fit our needs. Sage understands that, in the newest update, redesigned web screens allow you to customize and get more done. You are able to hide infrequently used fields and controls on entry screens such as invoice, payment and order entry. Customizing like this makes the required fields easier to find. Since field labels can now be edited to suit the specific needs of the business, this all combines to make it easier & faster for users. Another fantastic feature is that web screens have also been redesigned to fit more on the screen and minimize the amount of scrolling required. It all goes back to saving time and money and these features will do just that.

Improved Inventory Forecasting

We all want to manage our inventory efficiently, but sometimes it’s hard for small and medium sized businesses to justify adding Sage Inventory Advisor. They can now benefit from inventory management with Sage Inventory Advisor Basics, a new, lighter version of Sage Inventory Advisor that is unique to Sage 300c. It focuses on the most critical inventory planning needs and gives business working with a tight budget the opportunity to incorporate inventory management best practices into their ERP. With Sage Inventory Advisor Basics you will get accurate inventory forecasts so you can manage your inventory with calculated information. You can get generated forecasts that will recommend what products to buy, when, and how much. This tool can help you find the perfect inventory balance by, once again, saving time and money by minimizing out of stock items and preventing buildup of excess stock. 

Improved Communication 

Communication can be key to keeping a business running efficiently. The new notes feature allows you to add notes for customers, vendors, and inventory items—highlighting information and facilitating conversations between departments to ensure everyone has essential information. 

Sage’s Two-Year Roadmap 

Sage continues to impress us with their commitment to growth. They have constructed a detailed roadmap for the future of Sage 300c.  Here is a list of some enhancements that they plan to release over the next 2 years: 

  1. Order Entry shipment and invoice screens
  2. Accounts Payable automation and integration
  3. E-Invoicing integration
  4. Core financials
  5. Sage Intelligence Reporting cloud integration
  6. Bank feeds
  7. New Sage CRM integration
  8. Accounts Receivable customer & document inquiry for web
  9. Online backup 

Contact PositiveVision to Learn More 

Sage has shown their continued investment in modernizing Sage 300. The new Sage 300 2017.1 and Sage 300c allow you to use the new features to improve productivity and grow revenue. At the same time, you will have the full flexibility to choose the licensing model that fits best into your business plan. If you are ready to start saving time and money, contact PositiveVision for a free consultation.


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