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SYSPRO - The ERP Best-Kept Secret?

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Dec 20, 2017 @ 11:00 AM


A new IDC paper makes the pronouncement that SYSPRO has been positioned as a major player in the IDC MarketScape. The IDC MarketScape is a report that, like the Gartner Magic Quadrant, thoroughly analyzes software companies and their products and positions them according to the IDC findings.

SYSPRO has been repositioned, according to the IDC report, into the Major Players category.

It’s also probably one of the best-kept ERP secrets out there. Here’s how IDC evaluated SYSPRO’s strengths and brand challenges, and why it might be your "secret weapon" in the quest to dominate your industry.

SYSPRO Strengths: Strong Customer Satisfaction

It’s almost unheard of today for a company to have an almost perfect customer satisfaction score. SYSPRO reveals a 98% custom retention rate. That’s an incredible vote of confidence in an industry in which brand and product loyalty seem fleeting.

Why does SYSPRO earn such a high rate? A process-modeled development framework, combined with extensive product training and support, helps users immediately take control of their software. The online training methods available through SYSPRO also help boost customer satisfaction by ensuring users have the tools they need to master the software quickly. Users feel like they get a lot of benefit from the software because they can use all of its tools right from the start.

Another area in which SYSPRO excels in customer service is through a full range of support modules. Not only does the company offer a range of customer care options, they also respond promptly. Chatbots, machine learning, and social ERP capabilities also make it a customer standout.

Lastly, SYSPRO is an excellent ERP package for manufacturing and distributing companies. Because SYSPRO focuses on this market segment, it has developed a robust suite of specialized tools for companies in the industry. That makes it especially valuable and useful for its loyal fans. Sub-categories for chemicals, plastics, food and beverage manufacturing, machinery, and medical devices also make it a standout for those looking for specialized ERP.

Brand Challenges

No company is perfect, and SYSPRO has its fair share of brand challenges, too. For instance, it isn’t as well-known as other ERP companies, making it a "best-kept secret" among software. Because it is a midmarket solution, and there are a lot of other software products offered to the midmarket, SYSPRO can get lost in the mix. 

For our clients and customers, that’s not exactly a bad thing. Why? It means that for those adopting SYSPRO as their ERP solution of choice, you’re acquiring a "secret weapon" in the competitive area, a software package that offers great options, flexibility, and productivity. You may have something that other companies wish they had. That offers you an advantage. 

SYSPRO offers a time-tested ERP package that seems to be extremely well-regarded by both the manufacturing industry and by those like IDC who analyze software. With over 37 years of experience building great manufacturing ERP, it’s worth taking for a test drive. 

PositiveVision offers SYSPRO and can help you explore its options. We have a free video on our SYSPRO page. You can also download the IDC report to read for yourself why SYSPRO is one of the best-kept industry secrets. 


For more information on SYSPRO ERP, visit PositiveVision. PositiveVision provides consulting and services to manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution companies. SYSPRO automates many businesses processes and can help you improve communications with customers, among other benefits. With the right data, you can better manage your business. Learn more on our website or contact us today.

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