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Three Great Benefits of SYSPRO Espresso - Mobile ERP for Manufacturers

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, May 24, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

mobile ERP for manufacturers

No matter where you turn, there’s an app for that. Mobile apps for work, play, school, and hobbies are everywhere. Mobile has become a ‘must have’ instead of a ‘nice to have’ technology for every facet of the business world, including manufacturing.

There are many benefits for manufacturers who want to “go mobile.” Ease, convenience, and flexibility is just starting points. For manufacturers, one of the best software tools on the market is SYSPRO Espresso, a mobile ERP app that enables you to tap into your company’s data anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.  

The Top Three Benefits of Mobile ERP

Narrowing down the top three benefits of mobile ERP is difficult because there are quite a number of excellent features and benefits for manufacturers.

  1. Real-time data: Cloud-based ERP systems enable real-time data synchronization from any part of the organization. Information flows from the manufacturing floor to the sales, marketing, and other operational centers in the company. Anyone with access to the ERP system can get real-time updates on products, orders, inputs and more. The improved communications through shared data and real-time synchronization help managers and teams work together better for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  2. Higher productivity: Transform unstructured processes into structured, routine events through the use of your mobile ERP software. Improve productivity by enhancing communications and response times throughout the company. ERP tools minimize the administrative tasks associated with manufacturing and can improve inventory management, supply chain management, and forecasting.
  3. Streamline business intelligence: Manufacturers can use the consolidated data derive from mobile ERP to drive business performance. Customized dashboards, data visualization through charts and graphs, and increased access to information provides all of the decision makers in your company with the tools they need to make sound decisions. Mobile ERP provides superior tools for data management and use.

Other Benefits of Mobile ERP

There are also cost benefits of using a mobile ERP application instead of a site-based software program. With mobile ERP, the data that you save is stored in the cloud. Cloud technology uses secure, shared servers to keep your data safe. USB drives can be lost; laptops and desktops can malfunction. With the cloud, however, your data is backed up by a number of servers to keep it secure. Even if your personal computer malfunctions, the data is safe.

Older software programs may have required special hard drives and other equipment to run them. Mobile ERP programs run through the internet. You do not need any special equipment to use SYSPRO Espresso, for example. Any device that connects to the internet is fine. This eliminates the need for costly upgrades and additional IT support to maintain equipment. The hosting company for your cloud software does all of that for you.

With so many benefits and almost no drawbacks, it’s time for manufacturers to embrace the cloud and seek mobile ERP solutions. SYSPRO Espresso offers all of the power of SYSPRO ERP on a mobile platform. It’s fast, responsive, flexible, and highly trustworthy.

As manufacturing technology becomes more sophisticated, customers expect more. The right ERP system can help you meet and exceed customer expectations. Improved forecasting, financial management, customer response, supply chain and warehouse management can enhance your company’s ability to fulfill orders and satisfy customers. It’s a positive competitive edge that manufacturers can leverage to position themselves as the leader in their industry.


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