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Top Features in Sage 300 2023, Versions .0 and .1

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Jun 21, 2023 @ 11:00 AM

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The Sage 300 2023.0 update was released to customers in September 2022. This update included features to enhance security, enhancements to the Web Screen for Sage 300cloud and improvements to CRM integration.

Password Security Upgrades

In Sage 300 2023, user passwords are even more secure. You now have the option to require complex passwords that must include a lower-case letter, an upper-case letter, a number, and a special character. Plus, additional technical upgrades and enhancements improve overall security.

New Web Screens for Project and Job Costing

Sage 300 2023 introduced new web screens for Project and Job Costing, including the following:

Account Sets: Create groups of G/L accounts, which you assign to contracts to identify the G/L ledger accounts to which you post Project and Job Costing transactions for each contract.

Charges: Record amounts that you charge your customers for services or fees for which you have not incurred any costs directly.

Update Retention: Enter opening retention balances for contracts you are transferring to Sage 300 Project and Job Costing from another job-costing system.

Setup Reports Available in Sage 300 2023 Web Screens

Check out the setup reports available in Sage 300 2023 web screens:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Services
  • General Ledger
  • Inventory Control
  • Order Entry
  • Project and Job Costings
  • Purchase Orders
  • Tax Services
Better Integration with Sage CRM

When updating contact information on the Sage 300 A/R Customers screen, a new “Update CRM Data” popup screen allows you to specify whether you want to create, update, or replace a person in Sage CRM. Another change in the A/R Customers screen is that it now uses the current date by default instead of the Sage 300 Session Date.

Improved App Icons and Menu Organization

The Sage 300 App Icons and the Windows Start Menu have been upgraded so that users can locate them more easily.

There are three menus: Sage 300, Sage 300 Support Utilities, and Sage 300 Admin Utilities instead of a single menu. The Sage 300 Admin Utilities Menu allows users to access these features without having to open Sage 300:

  • Current Users
  • Data Activation
  • License Manager

Remember to uninstall the previous version of Sage 300 before installing Sage 300 2023.

Click on this link to view a YouTube video entitled Sage 300 2023 New Features Summary for more information.

Sage 300 2023 Product Update .1

The second product update for Sage 300 2023 was released in early December 2022. This version was called 2023.1 and included the following updates:

User Activity Report for Administrators

The report creates a log of user activities including login/logout, open/close screen, and eviction. In addition to the log, the report includes the following columns:

  • Action
  • Company ID
  • Computer Name
  • Date and Time
  • Platform
  • Screen ID
  • Screen Name
eFiling 1099 Forms

Aatrix eFiling of 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC and 1099-INT will be supported in version 2023.1 (PU1), version 2022.4(PU4) and version 2021.7(PU7). There is no change in terms of functionality for setup and processing of 1099 codes or amounts.

Updated Web Screens: Inventory Control

Sage 300 2023 included New Project and Job Costing web screens like account sets, charges, and update retainage (percentage of an invoice that a client holds). Sage 300 2023.1 also includes new web screens for bills of material and assemblies/disassemblies within the Inventory Control functionality of the solution.

PositiveVision Assists Clients in Sorting Through Features to Find the Right Ones for Their Business

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