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Why You Absolutely Need Personalized Business Software Solutions in 2020

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Feb 12, 2020 @ 11:00 AM

We’re now into the second month of a new and exciting decade, and the pace of innovation is already at an all-time high. Business software solutions such as ERP software are tasked with rising to the occasion as technology embraces Industry 4.0 and preps for 5.0 (which is probably coming sooner than you think). Flexible features and easy-to-use functionalities will be the hallmarks of the most successful business software solutions. But, to get the full value out of their software solutions, businesses will need to make sure every user has the maximum insight from the system.

Personalized ERPs are making a splash as the new technology standard in user experience. Taking into account that no two businesses are alike, personalized ERP software adapts to every user in the organization, making this flexibility the new standard in business software.

How does a personalized solution work in your manufacturing or distribution? Here’s a closer look at three ways personalization helps you win in the new decade.

  1. Personalization Boosts End-User Engagement and Adoption

According to KPMG’s future of HR survey 2019, 85 percent of workers indicated employee experience and engagement are an organization’s most valuable offerings. Deloitte reports that poor user engagement with enterprise applications is a leading reason business software solutions fail to deliver the desired business results for organizations. 

If your organization is not dedicated to positively engaging employees, your business could be facing issues such as:

  • Employees feeling overwhelmed by too much information, capabilities, and complex user interfaces
  • Users unable to access or configure the tools that can provide a maximum performance gain
  • Lack of real-time visibility into accurate information—hindering decision-making and the ability to take immediate action
  • The typical costs associated with customization obstructing efforts to personalize user interfaces

It’s critical for leadership to get ahead of potential engagement and adoption issues by investing in ERP software designed to be flexible and personalized to meet the team’s individual needs and accelerate user uptake.

Whether it’s the type of data needed to perform a task or method of delivery such as cloud, mobile, Bots, artificial intelligence, or machine learning, your business software needs to provide a UX that is personal and customizable to each employee’s individual role. This positive experience is proven to boost engagement and user adoption so that you leverage your most critical investment: your people.

  1. Personalization Finds the Right Information for Total Optimization

It’s vital to uncover the right information so your team can create impactful content and make appropriate data-driven decisions. The ability to show initiative and do their own educated analysis is personally rewarding for each person. An ERP software system that can be personalized without excessive administrative rights or IT involvement packs a powerful employee engagement punch. Putting the power of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) amplifies that impact

PwC reported that 72 percent of surveyed executives believed that AI in the enterprise is a business advantage for the future. What’s more, 54 percent of business executives said that AI solutions implemented in their businesses have already increased productivity.

How does this work for manufacturers and distributors?

Through the utilization of business software solution capabilities like predictive search, chatbots, and real-time business analysis and insights, your business can act quickly and efficiently, becoming proactive rather than reactive. Removing some of the manual and mundane work from every user’s daily experience can be a competitive game-changer. A high level of business intelligence enables your organization to understand its markets and customers at a much deeper level, making your every move smarter. This naturally builds in a user-initiated continuous improvement culture.

  1. Use Personalization to Attract and Maintain Top Talent

One hot topic in American business is the workforce gap. Baby Boomers are retiring at an accelerated rate, and the ability to fill their roles is a challenge. Advocates for the manufacturing industry are educating the next-generation workforce about the exciting opportunities careers in a skilled trade can provide, but it will take more than marketing to bring these workers in the door and keep them engaged.

The incoming workforce wants to be part of an organization that’s innovative, future-proof, and understands the need for a collaborative and flexible work environment. What keeps the next-gen worker coming back each day is the ability to make a difference and contribute to the bottom line. If leadership in your organization acts as a bottleneck by not providing the business software tools to enable efficiency, you will ultimately lose talent.

Personalized Solutions With PositiveVision for 2020 and Beyond

The talent you procure and the caliber of data or predictive insight your ERP system is able to provide will greatly influence your business’ future in the transition from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0. Personalized and elevated customer experience will continue to be paramount. This area of focus will allow you to surpass competitors as you adopt Industry 5.0 and continue to innovate.

Partnering with a trusted and forward-thinking business software solutions vendor with easy role-based technology architecture can get you to the future faster. PositiveVision has a long history of simplifying processes so that business systems work together and provide personalization on every level, from the business itself to the individual users. Let our experts take the guesswork out of the daunting task of finding business software for your users. Talk to one of our experts and start your personalized journey today.

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