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Why Your ERP Software Needs an IoT Solution

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, Oct 02, 2019 @ 11:00 AM

The internet has given us so many great services: Amazon, Netflix, Uber, dating connections, you name it. Some definitely more creative uses for the internet have come out of the internet of things (IoT), such as GPS bike handlebars, the FitBit equivalent for your dog, and even smart flip flops.

Fortunately for business owners, IoT does much more than tell you if Fido has had one too many dog biscuits. Smart devices are hard at work for manufacturers and distributors, providing valuable sensor data to trigger other actions. Properly harnessed, IoT data can empower users to protect assets, reduce waste, diversify revenue streams, monetize investments, adjust product design, and more.

But all that data does your business no good if it’s just sitting on your smart devices, inaccessible and unused. That’s where global ERP software solutions provider SYSPRO comes into play.

Connecting to the Future With IoT

While best known for its ERP software solutions, SYSPRO includes other plugins and services that allow its users to take their SYSPRO ERP experience to the next level. Recently, SYSPRO introduced its Connective Services, which help customers connect sensor data from their IoT devices to their SYSPRO ERP software solution for key functions such as device and message management, data storage, and data mining. From there, customers can handle actions such as communicating maintenance issues before downtime occurs, monitoring stock and feed data through their ERP for action, automating a shop floor, and more.

IoT connection technology has been in play for a while with enterprise-level manufacturers and distributors. SYSPRO’s IoT empowerment opens the door for small and mid-sized businesses to implement IoT, too, seamlessly enabling digital business transformation, including:

  • Streamlined and automated business processes. Automatically deliver business intelligence and alerts to operators and service agents.
  • Real-time inventory management. IoT sensors monitor and track incoming and outgoing items.
  • Individual items equipped to continuously update location and movement. Cases, pallets, containers, and vehicles can all be tied to GPS-enabled connections.
  • Enhanced customer user experience and improved service delivery. Connect warehouses to ecommerce platforms.

With SYSPRO’s IoT connection to its ERP software solutions, users will be able to pick up on inefficiencies and problems sooner, saving them both time and money. IoT connection also gives unprecedented levels of visibility throughout the entire supply chain, across state lines and international borders. Finally, users benefit from broader, more detailed, actionable insights about their business.

That’s a lot more useful than a pair of IoT-enabled flip flops.

SYSPRO Takes Home the Gold

Not only is SYSPRO’s IoT connection a boon for customers, it also recently garnered them industry recognition with a CODiE Award from the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). The principal trade association for software and digital content industries, SIIA members vote on the finalists from a pool of nominees, making it the industry’s only peer-reviewed awards program.

SYSPRO took home honors for Best IoT or IoT Enablement Solution in 2019 for its IoT interface abilities and drive to empower smaller manufacturers and distributors with the ability to add IoT to their systems and processes.

Connect IoT Today With PositiveVision

If you’ve been looking for the right time to get your small or mid-sized business’ ERP connected to IoT, look no further than the award-winning SYSPRO interface. At PositiveVision, our SYSPRO experts can help you get everything from a SYSPRO IoT connection to the full package with a SYSPRO ERP software solution as well. Whether you’re well established or just getting started, let SYSPRO’s IoT enablement and PositiveVision’s expertise partner with you to make the digital leap and better address current and emerging market challenges.

We won’t even mind if your dog has his own FitBit.

Connect with a PositiveVision SYSPRO expert now to find out how IoT can revolutionize your ERP experience.



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