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6 Questions to Ask an EDI Provider Before You Implement the Software

Posted by Robert Baran on Tue, Mar 20, 2012 @ 03:56 PM
questions-to-ask-EDI-providerElectronic Data Interchange (or EDI) allows your company’s computer system to “talk” to your customers’ systems, electronically exchanging business documents and information. This form of data transfer is routinely used for distribution of purchase orders, invoices and shipping information. The best part is – it can integrate seamlessly with your ERP software! If you want to know more about EDI and how it can benefit your company, click here

Once you decide to implement Electronic Data Interchange software, it is crucial that you select a provider who can give you the full service this solution requires. You don’t want someone who will just set up the system and leave you to figure out the rest! The following 6 questions will help you ensure that you’re getting a partner who will go the distance with you during and after the implementation.

1. Who monitors the ongoing stream of EDI transactions?
    • Each trading relationship requires constant monitoring. Will the Electronic Data Interchange software consultant diagnose and correct problems when they occur, or will they just notify you?
    2. Who is responsible for EDI transaction mapping?
      • Do you have to do it yourself or pay a software vendor every time changes are needed?
      3. Do they provide a dedicated project manager?
        • EDI implementation is a complex process. Be sure the provider has an experienced person who can ensure success.
        4. Who maintains Advance Ship Notice label templates?
          • Retailers are picky about carton labels – if they come out wrong you may end up with the added cost of unnecessary charge backs.
          5. Do they publish and meet Service Level Objectives (SLO)?
            • Make sure the EDI provider you select offers a written statement defining what level of service you can expect. You don’t want to end up with someone who just licenses software and charges for maintenance.
            6. Who answers when you call for support?
            • When EDI issues need resolution, time and accuracy are critical. You want to reach seasoned EDI experts when you call, not a call center full of people who can’t help you.

            If you’d like more information on Electronic Data Interchange software and compliance, please contact us today.

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