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Is Cloud ERP the Only Way to Access Data Remotely? Meet SYSPRO Avanti

Posted by Robert Baran on Wed, May 27, 2020 @ 11:00 AM

In only a matter of weeks, the global shift from an on-site to a remote workforce has already affected many institutions. Challenges are plentiful, and the unknown future is unsettling. The businesses that will manage best are the ones that have not placed focus on daily operational needs at the expense of investing in digital business.

One of the top priorities of every CIO as workforces settle into remote work-from-home situations is an expanded portfolio of digital workplace resources. It starts with understanding work-use cases and the typical workflows of those who can work remotely, including the systems they need to access.

Scaling Technology Capabilities

Getting the right access to the right system may mean rapidly scaling—or adding brand new—technology capabilities. Collaboration tools such as video conferencing and messaging may already be in use, but what about when it comes to technologies like your ERP? If you’re not operating a cloud-based ERP, remote access could present some problems.

There is plenty of opportunity at this time to move quickly to meet your team’s access needs, and many organizations will offer flexible contracts to help you get there as fast as possible. However, you may find that as you add technology capabilities to navigate the current remote work landscape, the benefits may carry over long-term once you’re all cleared to go back into the office.

One such long-term benefit technology access solution is SYSPRO Avanti.

Get the Same Access Anywhere With SYSPRO Avanti

If you’re running SYSPRO ERP, you’re already familiar with your user interfaces and how everything fits together and works, whether your deployment is on-premises or in the cloud. The last thing you want users to have to do when they’re working under new conditions is also having to re-learn a new software solution. And if you’re running an on-premises solution, now is likely not the time to get involved in a lengthy migration to a cloud ERP solution.

That’s where SYSPRO Avanti comes in. This web interface connects to your on-premises or cloud SYSPRO ERP solution and ensures users have the exact same ERP user experience they’re used to, no matter the device, platform, location, or time of access. With just a web browser, your team can access your SYSPRO ERP solution and access all the data, information, and reports they need to conduct “business as usual” as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re on-premises, in the cloud, or running a hybrid solution. The user experience looks and functions exactly the same from the web browser opened at home as if your team was in the office sitting at their desk. Additionally, users can choose to log in from a different device, such as a mobile phone or tablet. The experience stays the same.

While a mirrored remote access experience is certainly going to be top of the list right now, SYSPRO Avanti has other advantages that will carry over into the new normal of the future.

  • Fast, easy access.
  • Familiar and consistent user experience.
  • Self-service customization.

Increase Access Flexibility With PositiveVision

In recent weeks, we’ve turned more and more to digital tools to maintain some semblance of normalcy, in both personal and professional situations. Digital transformation of work is imperative to effective operation. The companies that will outpace their competition are the ones who use technology well and fast-track their digital transformation to keep going. It’s easy solutions such as SYSPRO Avanti—which takes a necessary and already familiar software solution and makes it accessible from anywhere to keep the business moving forward—that will be key to staying afloat.

Integrating SYSPRO Avanti may be just what your company needs. Whether you’ve been running on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both, PositiveVision is the SYSPRO partner that can get you there. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, we will connect you to the perfect SYSPRO ERP access solution and user interface. Let’s get your digital transformation started with SYSPRO Avanti

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