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Business Process Improvement: Are you still managing paper?

Posted by Robert Baran on Tue, Aug 30, 2011 @ 05:36 PM

In the past, print was merely a function of the work environment. The philosophy that prevailed was to buy inexpensive print solutions that provided convenience. Information was printed and filed away in the proprietary system you devised. Unbelievably, that filing system you came up with probably caused you to reprint items you just couldn’t locate or worse, recreate the data when no trace of the original content could be found.

The landscape has changed. Managing documents has become a key factor in controlling costs and increasing productivity in the workplace. Suddenly those same inexpensive print systems don't seem so cheap when you factor in the cost of consumables, maintenance and the impact on the environment. Additionally, the time it is taking you and your staff to find and use that data has a negative impact on your productivity.

Today’s document management solutions allow you to capture, manage, distribute, store/index, search and retain information with the click of a button, and not the print button!  Quickly locating, accessing, and disseminating information is critical in doing business efficiently. Document solutions control cost and increase productivity without sacrificing on convenience.

Learn how to use advances in document management technology to facilitate compliance, improve customer service—and cut costs up to 75%.  Contact us to learn more.  Document management is a necessity, not a luxury, for small and midsize businesses.

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