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Do you need new ERP Software in 2012?

Posted by Robert Baran on Sun, Nov 06, 2011 @ 07:26 PM

new erp system gap anaysisThe right ERP system can drive productivity at all levels of your organization and provide clear insight into new revenue opportunities. Is Sage PFW ERP still providing that level of efficiency and visibility? If not, PositiveVision and Sage have partnered together to offer a more robust software system, Sage ERP Accpcac at a very minimal cost.

If you’d like help determining whether your company is in need of a change, please download our GAP Analysis Whitepaper at the conclusion of this blog.

Get new Sage ERP software and pay $0 in license fees.1

PositiveVision is committed to helping you protect your investment in Sage PFW. From now through December 31, 2011, you can trade in Sage PFW for a more advanced Sage ERP solution—and pay $0 in license fees. Contact us at (800) 559-1323 and find out which ERP solution is right for you.

1Free software offer is for Sage PFW ERP customers only and includes a match of your current licenses and modules on like-modules/users and requires maintenance and a Sage Business Care Gold support program for the Sage MME destination product. The license discount level is determined by the Sage Business Care time commitment the customer is willing to make. Off-Plan customers committing to three years on the destination product can upgrade for free based on like-modules/users. Off-Plan customers committing to two years will receive a 75% discount, and Off-Plan customers committing to one year will receive a 50% discount. For additional terms and conditions, call (800) 559.1323.

Complimentary Whitepaper ► ► Do You Need a  State of the Art ERP Solution?

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